BET – BioEnergyTrain

Within the framework of BioEnergyTrain (BET), training courses are being developed to meet the demand for “engineers of the future”. The basis for this was laid down in the EU’s SET Plan (Strategic Energy Technology).

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For this purpose, two master curricula will be developed (Biorefinery Engineer and Bioresource ValueChain Manager), which will already be offered during the project (starting in 2017) at TU Graz (AT) and the University of Twente (NL).

In order to establish sufficient practical relevance as well as connections to relevant sectors for the students, an interface with industrial partners as well as communities and regions will be created. This “network-of-networks” is also intended to strengthen the connection between universities, industry and communities/regions. Energie Agentur Steiermark acts as a link to regions and municipalities and makes its networks and connections available for a lively exchange.


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