Projects and Publications


“SUSTAINCO” (Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities) supports the ambitious European vision for the energy performance of buildings, that by 2020 all new buildings should be “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings”.

The project aims to build capacity within the partner countries through a range of services including promotion of best practice examples, supporting integrated approaches to design and retrofitting of buildings and supporting engagement in the Covenant of Mayors in rural regions.

Through the presentation of role models including financial facts and figures, the parties of the building industry and the public sector should be motivated for implementing these kind of actions.

In the course of this project, eight exemplary projects were accompanied and 50 further ones supported. Additional project measures were trainings and coachings for key personnel and wide informational campaigns at rural areas. In Austria, the Energy Agency Styria and the company “Oberösterreichische Energiesparverband“ were responsible for the implementation.


Period: 2012 to 2015

Funding authority: Intelligent Europe Programme – European Commission

Partners: OÖ Energiesparverband, Limerick Institute of Technology, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Tipperary Energy Agency, The Energy Farm – Centre for Bioenergy, Severn Wye Energy Agency, ASCAMM/iMat, ALEA - Alba Local Energy Agency