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netEB - Netzwerk Energieberatung

With this network, the quality of energy consultations in Styria is increased.

Quality variations at energy consultations and at the creation of energy certificates are quite common. Due to the many different offers and many energy consultants, it is difficult to choose competent and independent ones. Mostly, they are only specialized at one area of expertise and insufficiently educated for a comprehensive consultation.

Therefore, “netEB – Netzwerk Energieberatung” supports potential clients at choosing the right consultant and ensures a high quality of the consultations.

All consultants, which joined the network are educated adequately and participate at quality controls. Periodical trainings and information ensure a high level of current knowledge.


Start: 01.10.2010

Contracting authority: Land Steiermark – Abteilung 15 / FA Energie und Wohnbau