Energie Agentur Steiermark

David Kammerhofer, MSc

Project Manager
+43 316 269 700 20

Areas of responsibility

GIS analysis
Programming of GIS analysis tools
Funded projects

Ongoing projects

This project aims to provide a dynamic basis for spatial heat planning in Styria, Salzburg and Vienna by creating a "heat atlas". Together, the three federal states, their capitals and a large number of pioneer communities and research partners are working on the shared vision.
since 2018
The ENTRAIN project aims at improving the capacities of public authorities to develop and implement local strategies and action plans for enhancing the use of endogenous renewable energy sources in small district heating networks.
since 2019
Through this project, the further development of the heat atlas from the preliminary project should result in an energy atlas that provides a dynamic basis for spatial energy planning in Styria, Salzburg and Vienna.
since 2021