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Build Up Skills Cross Craft

A central role in the European energy and climate strategy is taken by efficient buildings. For ensuring a high building quality in the European member states, the European initiative “BUILD UP Skills“ was founded in 2011.

Goal of this project was the education of experts in the fields of building refurbishment and new energy efficient buildings.

The project “BUILD UP Skills CrossCraft” is a follow-up project of “BUILD UP Skills Austria” and contains the following modules:

  • Building of low energy buildings
  • Construction quality coaching
  • construction training
  • and requirements related to low energy buildings.


The task of the Energy Agency Styria was the conception of the curses and the coaching and training of the participating craftspeople. Highlights were the so called “on-site-trainings” with different crafts. Various tests, like “blower-door-tests” were carried out and the results were evaluated comprehensively.


Period: 2013 to 2016


Funding authority: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme - European Commission

Partners: Österreichische Energieagentur, 17&4 Organisationsberatung G.m.b.H., Bauakademie Salzburg, Innovative Gebäude Österreich