Build Up Skills Austria

A central role in the European energy and climate strategy is taken by efficient buildings. For ensuring a high building quality in European member states, the European initiative “BUILD UP Skills“ was founded in 2011.

Goal of this project was the education of experts in the fields of building refurbishment and new energy efficient buildings.

In Austria, the information platform “Build up Skills Austria” implemented this European initiative. Firstly, a consortium with representatives of economy and politics was founded for evaluating the actual status concerning levels of education at the building sector. Afterwards, strategies for ensuring an high building quality through adequate educational measures were formulated and written down. The role of the Energy Agency Styria, former LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark, was the representation of the organisation ARGE EBA (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energie-Berater/innen-Ausbildung) as provider of educational programmes for energy consultants and the organisation of work packages.

Due to the great support of all involved parties, the project was successfully carried out and finished in 2013. The follow-up project” BUILD UP Skills Cross Craft” started in 2013 and the Energy Agency Styria was able to participate again.  


Period: 2011 to 2013


Funding authority: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme - European Commission

Partners: Österreichische Energieagentur, 17&4 Organisationsberatung G.m.b.H.