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ARGE EBA is an association of the Austrian federal states and their energy agencies.

Since the 1990’s, representors of the Austrian energy agencies and federal energy ambassadors formed a workgroup for developing an Austrian wide standardized educational programme for energy consultants. For this purpose, the association ARGE EBA was founded in 2011 and a definition of course contents and quality guidelines was done.

Today, the main objectives of ARGE EBA are quality control and further development of the Austrian wide education of energy consultants. ARGE EBA-certified consultants are characterised by their comprehensive knowledge and special consultant skills.

The Energy Agency Styria is one member of ARGE EBA and represents the interests of the different Styrian organisations.


Start: 02.02.2011

Contracting Authority: Land Steiermark – Abteilung 15 / FA Energie und Wohnbau