Energie Agentur Steiermark
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Guideline "Sachbereichskonzept Energie" published

In order to take account of urgent action in energy- and climate policy terms- resulting from global warming and its consequences - the local spatial planning can create the conditions for the economical use of energy and use of renewable energy sources, thus contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Under this premise, the Styrian Provincial Government has drawn up a guideline documenting the contents of the Concept for the sector Energy (SKE) as  a contribution to spatial planning. As a result of the strategies developed, decision-makers for spatial planning should be able to harmonize spatial decisions and energy and climate policy objectives. Thus they create the spatial conditions for the turnaround in energy policy and consumption at local level as well as compliance with international climate protection commitments

The guideline is available at www.verwaltung.steiermark.at. More information is available here und here