Municipalities and Regions


The internationally approved quality management system "e5 / eea® (European Energy Award)" is successfully applied in Austria for energy and climate protection pioneer communities since 1998 and for climate- and energy model regions since 2015.

Essentially, the quality management system (short KEM QM) according to eea® is covering all core elements of the e5 methodology. Within the framework of the “climate and energy model regions”- call, the model regions are obliged to carry out the KEM QM according to eea®.

The Energy Agency Styria assists the model regions manager with certified KEM QM consultants. We contribute know how, experience and give you at least new perspectives. We guide you through the QM-process and support the pilot region managers, prepare the KEM-audit and present the certification´s results.


For further information visit the webpage of climate and energy model regions!