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Energy Certificate

Energy certificates display the energy efficiency of a building. Therefore, the building quality and energy demand is easily visible at a glance.

Since the beginning, the Energy Agency Styria substantially participated in the implementation of the energy performance certificates in Styria. We offer the creation of the energy certificates for official building submissions and achievement of federal funding. Moreover, the owning of an energy certificate is obligatory if a house or flat wants to be sold, rented or leased out.  

Expert's activity for energy performance certificates

Additionally, our specialist Ingrid Mayrhofer provides officially declared expert’s services for energy performance certificates. 

Creation of energy certificates

For residential and non-residential buildings, new built and refurbished ones.

Consultation day for energy certificate issuers

With § 81a of the Steiermärkische Baugesetznovelle 2014, the Steiermärkische Landesregierung is obliged to verify energy performance certificates according to Art. 18 of the EU Directive 2010/31/EU by means of an independent control system.
Since 2013, Energie Agentur Steiermark, on behalf of the Office of the Styrian Provincial Government, has been checking energy performance certificates with regard to correct entry according to standards, compliance with legal requirements and conformity with the plans.
We are now offering consultation days again for personal discussion of problems or ambiguities with specific calculations and general questions about the energy certificate.



The next date is expected to take place online in early February, the exact dates will be announced shortly.


Take advantage of this opportunity for free support and make your personal appointment at


Further information on energy certificates is available at our German guides:

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Die Auswahl der zu prüfenden Energieausweise erfolgt durch ein Stichprobensystem direkt beim Upload in ZEUS Steiermark. Die Prüfstelle prüft auf rechnerische Richtigkeit der Energieausweise. Ergibt die Kontrolle eines Energieausweises Mängel, sind die Mängel innerhalb einer angemessenen Frist zu beheben. Kommt der Aussteller trotz wiederholter Aufforderung der Mängelbehebung nicht nach, wird dem Aussteller die Behebung der Mängel mit schriftlichem Bescheid durch die Landesregierung aufgetragen.
Further Projects
As part of the special funding "Thermal refurbishment of rental apartments owned by non-profit building associations" with funding from the European Union.
since 2021
The Energy Agency Styria manages the quality assurance for energy certificates and could be seen as central link between certificate creators, clients and authorities.
since 2013
In Styria the online-database ZEUS is used for the legally prescribed administration of energy certificates.
since 2008