Advice against energy poverty & exchange of experiences

At the latest due to the increase in energy and electricity prices, energy poverty is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention. For this purpose, Energie Agentur Steiermark organized a training session on the morning of 21.3.2023 in Lendhafen on the topic: Advice against energy poverty. The past few months have shown that the need for this form of consulting is increasing. The presenters pointed out the importance, but also the challenges, of this form of energy consulting. This energy consulting, which is supported by the province of Styria, also increases the exchange between energy consultants and social counseling centers. We are very pleased that the energy consultants of the Network Energy Consulting have shown great interest in this training.

The afternoon continued with the first ERFA meeting 2023. The focus of this event this time was: Solar thermal – Saves valuable biomass and high quality electric power for water heating and space heating. The interest was great, about 50 energy consultants followed the presentations with interest. Solar thermal is an exciting alternative and companion system to the already widespread photovoltaic systems. A combination of both systems will be necessary to sustainably reduceCO2 emissions. The team of the Network Energy Consulting of Energie Agentur Steiermark would like to thank all speakers for their interesting presentations and expertises. Discussions and exchange of experiences were in the foreground of this afternoon – as it should be. We thank you for the numerous attendance and are already looking forward to the next ERFA meeting in May.


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