Climate and Energy Strategy Styria 2030

The Monitoring Report 2020 analyses the measures of the Province of Styria for the year 2020 with regard to the implementation status of the Action Plan 2019-2021 of the Climate and Energy Strategy Styria 2030.

For the implementation of the KESS 2030 Action Plan 2019-2021, 15 departments and specialist departments as well as almost 70 experts from the province of Styria are involved, either primarily responsible for measures or supporting, so that the often interdepartmental measures can be implemented efficiently. The experts of the Province of Styria support both the monitoring and the preparation of the monitoring report.

Of the 109 measures, 16 measures are in preparation by the end of 2020 for which implementation has not yet started and 58 measures are in the process of being implemented. A further 32 measures are being implemented as multi-year programmes or subsidies and with measures E-07 “Advancing the expansion of the electricity grid” and E-17 “Evaluate and adapt wind energy programme”, which were completed in 2019, another measure was completed in 2020 with E-21 “Accelerating the provision of renewable gas”.

Due to the changing technological possibilities on the one hand and the international and national agreements in the field of energy and climate on the other, the Climate and Energy Strategy Styria 2030 is currently being revised and a new action plan 2022-2024, adapted to the new strategy, is being developed.

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Image source: Province of Styria

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