Electricity storage: status quo, trends and bidirectional charging

The trend toward private home storage systems in combination with photovoltaic systems has picked up speed rapidly in recent years. Falling system prices, targeted subsidy programs and the desire for greater self-consumption are making the use of PV storage systems increasingly attractive. The event will provide an overview of the market and price development of PV storage systems in Austria as well as their diverse areas of application. These range from private home storage to the use in an energy community, from the increase of the own power consumption to the emergency power supply.

Another approach is to use the storage capacities of electric vehicles. Bi-directional charging points and smart charging strategies enable intermediate storage of renewable electricity while meeting mobility needs. In the “Car2Flex” research project, concepts, suitable technologies and business models are being developed for various electromobility user groups, with a focus on private use.

Some of the speakers’ presentations are available for download. You can also watch the entire event on our Youtube channel.

The online event to watch

Timeline for video recording of the event:

  • welcome, introduction, news (from 00:07:00)
  • OPEN NEWS (from 00:20:00)
  • FOKUS lectures (from 00:55:30)
  • QUESTIONS/DISCUSSION (from 1:46:00).
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The invitation and the event program for the 56th Ich tu’s Energy Lunch can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon.

The wrap-up with all presentations in PDF format as well as the video of the event can be found here.



Introduction and welcome
MMag. Alexandra Malik, Energy Agency Styria gGmbH

In focus

PV home storage – market development, motivations and expectations
Maximilian Wittmann, BSc (FH Technikum Wien)

PV Home Storage – Performance, Grid Integration and Emergency Power Capability
Johannes Kathan, MSc (AIT Austrian Institut of Technology GmbH)

The Electric Vehicle as Flexible Electricity Storage and Building Block of a Sustainable Energy System
Patrick Landerl, MSc (Energie Steiermark AG)

Open News

Second Life Batteries 4 Storage
DI (FH) Reinhard Ungerböck (Graz Energy Agency)

Electricity storage technologies in agriculture and forestry
Mag. Thomas Loibnegger (Styrian Chamber of Agriculture)

EnErGie Werk Weiz – Renewable Energy Community Industrial Park Energiestraße and Werksweg Weiz
DI Robert Pratter (4ward Energy Research GmbH)

Centralized energy storage in energy communities as a long-term investment.
Mario Schweighofer (CellCube Enerox GmbH)

Clever electricity storage. Saltwater batteries and other solutions
Dr. Thomas Krausse (Bluesky Energy Entwicklungs- und Produktions GmbH)