Empowering H2-ready Regions in Central Europe

The project aims at anchoring the European requirements of the energy transition with a focus on transferable energy planning at the local and regional level in regions in central Europe. H2CE empowers regions to steer and coordinate the process of developing a hydrogen infrastructure and to integrate hydrogen solutions into their existing instruments of spatial and regional development. The project partners will jointly develop strategies and action plans, establish competence centres and design a hydrogen incentive scheme. The project results will be bundled and consolidated through a digital collaboration platform. The platform and all project outputs will be made available for other European regions.

The project will foster territorial cooperation in central Europe. It is supported by cross-border and transnational initiatives and alliances such as the Scandria®Alliance.

Project Objectives

  • Integration of hydrogen into regional and transnational strategies
  • Identification of regulatory hurdles
  • Coordination with regional actors – Multi-level governance
  • Empowerment of institutions involved and their integration into the planning process
  • Strengthening local and regional capacities and building competencies
  • Consolidation of hydrogen projects

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