Energy Communities

Energy communities represent a milestone for the Austrian energy industry. Citizens, communities and businesses now have the opportunity to share energy across property lines.

What is an energy community?

An energy community is an association of at least two participants for the joint production and utilization of energy. Due to new legal frameworks, it is now possible for citizens, municipalities and companies to join forces and collectively use energy across property boundaries.

  • produce
  • save
  • consume
  • sell

The new laws define two energy community models: the locally limited “Renewable Energy Community (EEG)” and the “Citizens’ Energy Community (BEG)”, which is geographically unrestricted within Austria.

Energy communities offer numerous benefits to their members

Citizens have the opportunity to actively participate in the energy transition by purchasing and producing regional renewable energy, benefit from financial benefits and fair purchase and feed-in tariffs agreed within the energy community

Municipalities that actively support the development of energy communities contribute to the independence of their region’s electricity supply. Social cohesion within the community is promoted and regional value creation is strengthened.

Companies can join forces with other companies, households and municipalities to increase their share of renewable energy and pass on the locally produced energy – for example on weekends – to other participants.

Energy communities are therefore an important step towards a sustainable energy supply and offer attractive opportunities for citizens, municipalities and businesses. Become part of an energy community and actively contribute to the energy transition!

How does an energy community work and how do renewable and citizen energy communities differ?

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