CleanAir by Biomass

The CleanAir by biomass project has set itself the goal of demonstrating the positive effects of modern biomass combustion on air quality in the municipality of Vorau through numerous different measures, such as replacing old boilers with the latest biomass heating systems.

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In recent decades, a great deal of research and development work has been invested in biomass heating systems to reduce harmful exhaust gases and increase efficiency. Now, for research purposes in the Vorau model region, the effect of the use of state-of-the-art biomass technologies is being investigated under real conditions.

The plan is to replace outdated heating systems with modern biomass heating systems, retrofit existing systems, improve user and operating behaviour through training and optimise heating systems by means of heating inspections and on-site consultations.

All these measures are intended to reduce exhaust gases and improve air quality. The results of the project will serve as a basis for decision makers regarding efficient measures to improve air quality.

Work on the project, which is funded within the COMET program of the FFG, has already begun and the end is planned for February 2019.


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