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Context and Critical Conditions - A mindset for transferring eco-innovation policies

This document gives guidance to the replication of policy measures that accelerate eco-innovations on a regional level. Policy measures are defined broadly as all activities of or on behalf of governments and administration in a wider sense – such as legal acts, regulations, incentives, labels, campaigns, funding programmes, competitions, other instruments, practices, etc..

The guide was produced under the EU co-funded project “ECOPOL” (2011-2014, DG ENV) and relies on the over 30-year-long experience of the Energy Agency Styria, former LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark. ECOPOL aimed to implement a series of policy pilots in the partner countries of the project, corresponding to the present gaps and the national/regional situation. For this matter, a systematic process was designed. The idea of the pilot actions was to use the large experience of the ECOPOL partners, which had produced a database of good policy measures, supporting eco-innovations. Starting from this list – used like a restaurant’s menu – the project transferred good policy measures in the fields of green public procurement, waste & recycling and internationalisation from one region (source) to another (target). It is essential to understand, that this transfer is not a simple “copy-and-paste” exercise. The aim of this document is to support both the policy makers and the decision makers in the target region in their learning from the examples (sources).